Micaela's Favorites from 2014

January 01, 2015  •  1 Comment

2014 was such a wonderful year! So many beautiful faces and fond memories.  Brace yourself, this may be long, but here are just a 'few' of my favorite shots this year.  _m

Josslyn 6 months-15Josslyn 6 months-15 Mason's 6 month session-16Mason's 6 month session-16 Haley Second session-31Haley Second session-31 Emmitt Newborn-13Emmitt Newborn-13 Newton-38Newton-38 Nathaniel-9Nathaniel-9 FEB_2352FEB_2352

Victoria-9Victoria-9 Mason-17Mason-17 Cooper-45Cooper-45 Kayla and Mike-20Kayla and Mike-20 Avery 6 months-58Avery 6 months-58 Amber and David Engagement-36Amber and David Engagement-36 Caitlyn and Kevin-42Caitlyn and Kevin-42 Jamie and Joey_-516Jamie and Joey_-516 Canon-27Canon-27 Holden-24Holden-24 Keegan is two-16Keegan is two-16 Blake-44Blake-44 Brad and AndreaBrad and Andrea Leeland is 2-86Leeland is 2-86 SamTravis-4MY_4131SamTravis-4MY_4131 Whitley and Brady-63Whitley and Brady-63 Mason 1 year-28Mason 1 year-28 Wilkerson Wedding-25Wilkerson Wedding-25 Wilkerson Wedding-30Wilkerson Wedding-30 Asher-62Asher-62 Matt and Ione-49Matt and Ione-49 Maddie's 9 month-13Maddie's 9 month-13 Robbins-280Robbins-280 Robbins-361Robbins-361 Noel's Newborn Session-26Noel's Newborn Session-26 Judah's 9 month-22Judah's 9 month-22 Santiago-Templet-31Santiago-Templet-31 Hunter-35Hunter-35 Shelby-33Shelby-33 Shelby-165Shelby-165 Rayza and Carlos-65Rayza and Carlos-65 Pfeifer-748Pfeifer-748 kksecond session-292kksecond session-292 kksecond session-836kksecond session-836 Shular Family-59Shular Family-59 Amber and David-237Amber and David-237 Brody-24Brody-24 Emily and Brett-267Emily and Brett-267 Mandy and Ian-266Mandy and Ian-266 Waiting for Liam-12Waiting for Liam-12 Axelle NewbornAxelle Newborn Josslyn 1 year-34Josslyn 1 year-34 Beckham's 6 month_-21Beckham's 6 month_-21 Ella-66Ella-66 Ava and Stevyn-45Ava and Stevyn-45 Tori and Jacob wedding-142Tori and Jacob wedding-142 Tori and Jacob wedding-357Tori and Jacob wedding-357 Sara and Sean-437Sara and Sean-437 Sara and Sean-122Sara and Sean-122 Char and Josh-78Char and Josh-78 Beat Frequency-2Beat Frequency-2 Palmer-42Palmer-42 Avery-28Avery-28 Tracy and Brian-370Tracy and Brian-370 Cudd-59Cudd-59 Cudd-44Cudd-44 Cudd-7Cudd-7 Madison1year-15Madison1year-15 Olivia-44Olivia-44 Susan-12Susan-12 Chaunte-9Chaunte-9 Lora-47Lora-47 Megan and Travis-28Megan and Travis-28 Hood Family-33Hood Family-33 Kash 3 months-12Kash 3 months-12 Shelbie and Nathan-215Shelbie and Nathan-215 Crouchfam-3Crouchfam-3 Alison and Patrick-70Alison and Patrick-70 Kyla and Dylan-56Kyla and Dylan-56 H fam-36H fam-36 Lentz-47Lentz-47 Tammy and Nick-234Tammy and Nick-234 Stuart FamilyStuart Family Stuart Family-55Stuart Family-55 Rose-53Rose-53 gjesvold-54gjesvold-54 Carter-18Carter-18 farmer-45farmer-45 jess-56jess-56   Ethan-67Ethan-67 There were so many more favorites too! So many from Santa mini sessions and Fall minis and a million more wedding shots.  Gosh I love my clients! Thank you thank you!  Without you I would not be able to do what I love.




These are all so fantastic.. I love looking at them all over and over. You do such a great job. So much talent
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